kids playing in bounce house

7 Questions to Ask your Inflatable Rental Vendor

If you haven’t rented a bounce house or water slide before, you may not know what questions are important to ask.  We have created a short list of questions to get you started.

  • Are you insured?

Inflatable vendors can purchase insurance and should be able to provide you with a copy of their insurance certificate on request.  This insurance generally insures the vendor in case someone is hurt or injured in the inflatable and seeks to recover medical bills, etc.  For more specific details, ask the vendor about the specific policy.

  • How do you clean your inflatables?

Vendors should be able to tell you about their process for cleaning and possibly disinfecting inflatables between rentals.

  • Is the bounce house in good condition?

Vendors should be able to tell you the age of the bounce house or provide you with an inspection report if they have had the bounce house inspected.

  • What are the dimensions?

Of course, you want to know if this inflatable will fit in your yard.  Water slides can be quite tall, so don’t forget about trees or low power lines.  Water slides may also have stairs in the back, so ask how much space you need to have available around the inflatable as well.

  • Can the inflatable extend on to the sidewalk or driveway?

If you have something other than green grass, alert the vendor.  Nothing is worse than having the vendor show up and not be able to setup the bounce house or inflatable.  The vendor may want to bring tarps or sand bags to setup in your specific situation.

  • How many kids can be in the bounce house at once?

Once you find the right inflatable for your yard, be sure you know how many kids can play on it at once.  You may need to have other activities for the kids that are waiting, and you might want a supervisor to make sure the inflatable isn’t overloaded.  Too many kids in the inflatable greatly increases the risk of injury.

  • When will you drop off and when will it be picked up?

Some vendors rent the same bounce house multiple times per day, and therefore may have specific rental windows.  Other vendors may want to drop it off early and pick it up after dark depending on their delivery route for the day.  Make sure you understand the policy before you agree to the rental.  If you want an extended window, ask.  Many vendors have reasonable rates for extending the rental if you do it ahead of time.

Asking these questions should help you to select the right inflatable rental vendor for you.  Have a great party!