backyard party

Backyard Party Checklist

Planning a Backyard Party?  Run through this check list to make sure your party is a great one!

1. Rain and Bad Weather

sure you check the weather for thunderstorms or inclement weather.  Rain during your party can certainly spoil the fun, but remember that any rain 48 hours before your party can also make the back yard a mess when the guests arrive.  Consider having a few extra rugs or some outdoor carpet on hand if you think you will need to make some walk ways.  If you have a patio that gets slick when it rains, consider putting up some signs to make sure that people are aware that the area is slippery.  You may also want a sign to ask kids to remove muddy shoes before returning inside.

2. Hot Weather

Unexpectedly hot weather can be tough on your guests.  Have plenty of water on hand to make sure your guests stay hydrated.  If you plan to have people gathered outside, consider adding a few chairs and a fan in an area where people can visit and cool off for a little while.  If you don’t have trees or an arbor to provide shade, think about an umbrella.  A large umbrella can be an inexpensive way to create a little shade.  If your backyard won’t allow for shade, then you may want to arrange a few extra chairs indoors for guests to cool off and take a break from the heat.  Also have some sunscreen on hand in case one of your guests didn’t remember to apply sunscreen before arriving.

3. Winds

Winds can be dangerous if you are planning to have a bouncehouse or waterside.  Most bouncehouse rental vendors won’t setup the inflatable if winds are threatening.  If high winds are possible, consider having a backup plan for outdoor fun, like a slip and slide (link) or lawn games.

4. Bathrooms

Guests will be heading in and out of the house to access the restrooms.  If you have a specific restroom you wish for guests to use, make a sign to inform your guests.  If you are going to rent a waterslide or provide any water fun, be aware that your guests will likely be wet or will have wet feet.  Adding a rug to the restroom can help to prevent falls and accidents.

5. Make a Schedule

Planning the schedule can really help to make your backyard party go smoothly.  If you have a waterslide or pool, consider having a 10 minute game in the yard before inviting guests in to cut the cake to allow kids to dry off.  After taking a break inside, remind guests to have the kids use the restroom before they head back outside.

6. Drinks and Coolers

There is no better way to serve drinks than to ice down a big cooler.  If you can, move the cooler away from the patio and sitting area.  That way the patio and sidewalk areas can stay dry as your guests grab their drinks from the cooler.

7. Trash Cans

If you are serving lunch outside, provide a trash can with a lid.  Keeping trash covered will cut down on flies and bees and other pests.  Provide a recycling bin to catch all of the water bottles and cans so you won’t have to empty the trash as often.

8. After Party

If your party will last into the evening, think ahead about lighting.  Adding a few strings of yard lights can really create a festive look and will prevent you from dragging out the extension cords in a hurry.  You might also want to have some bug repellant on hand for the kids and adults if your party will last into the evening.

Keeping these things in mind will help to prevent accidents, keep your guests safe and happy, and allow you to enjoy the party yourself!