Is your backyard ready for a bounce house?

Bounce houses are a great way to add fun to your event or backyard party.  But before you send out those invitations, take a few minutes to make sure that your backyard is compatible with a bounce house rental.


A simple, square bounce house typically ranges from 11 x 11 to 15 x 15.  However, that is just the main area.  Allow at least 3 feet of space between the edges of the bounce house and fences, trees, or other structures.  At the entrance, you will want at least 5  feet to make room for kids to take off their shoes before climbing in.  Also, pay attention to overhead trees or wires.  The bounce houses will be at least 10 feet tall, but some could be as much as 20 feet tall if they have castle towers or other decorations.  Confirm the size with your bounce house rental company to make sure that your backyard can accommodate the awesome bounce house you are planning to rent.

Electrical outlets

Some bounce houses have multiple blowers or fans.  If you are renting a bounce house that requires 2 fans, chances are you will need to be able to plug each fan into its own circuit or else you might trip the circuit breaker and spoil the fun.  You will most likely need a couple of extension cords that will reach the kitchen and garage, or that can go through a bedroom window.  The extension cords will need to be 3 prong cords like you might use for a weed eater or garage equipment, not the interior cords that are used for lighting.  It’s possible that you bounce house rental company will bring extension cords, but consider asking if your bounce house will have multiple fans and let the rental company know if you don’t have plugs nearby.  If you don’t have any plugs, your rental company may be able to provide a generator if you ask in advance.


If your backyard is covered in something other than grass, let the rental company know ahead of time.  The rental company may be able to use tarps to protect the bounce house if they know in advance.  If they aren’t prepared for your ground covering, then they won’t be able to setup the bounce house and everyone will be disappointed, including the rental company.

Water slides

If you are renting a waterslide, make sure you have a plan for mud as the kids run back and forth across the entrance.  Be aware of surfaces like patios and driveways that might be slippery when wet.  Also, think about the indoor surfaces that cover the path between the bounce house and the bathroom.

Parents and Supervisors

Plan an area for parents to keep an eye on the fun.  Most rental companies will suggest that you have a few adults to make sure that the bounce houses isn’t misused or overcrowded.  It’s nice if you can place a few lawn chairs in the shade with a clear view of the bounce houses.

If you can’t make it work, don’t be discouraged.  If your party is for small children, consider purchasing a smaller bounce house online.  If you have older kids, check online for a bounce party place near you that might offer indoor bounce house parties.  Either way, have a great party!